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Supporting you on your healing journey and helping you achieve a more balanced mind, body and spirit.

About Me

I am a certified Reiki Practitioner and Indian Head Massage therapist, based near Ballina, County Mayo. It is my intention that by having a treatment from me, you will experience a greater sense of calm, clarity and peace in your life. 

Both Reiki and Indian Head Massage can be described as stress reduction and relaxation techniques that support the body’s natural ability to heal itself and my mission is to create a space for you to experience the incredible benefits that complementary therapies have to offer. 

I became interested in Energy Healing in my mid-20s as a way to help with some emotional issues I was experiencing which manifested in the form of severe anxiety and eczema. After exhausting traditional options with multiple doctors who repeatedly told me they couldn’t find anything wrong with me, I decided to explore energy healing. It worked! The result of my treatment was that my eczema was completely gone and my anxiety was drastically reduced. What traditional approaches couldn’t even diagnose after two years, Reiki and other Energy Healing techniques cleared within 4 months. 

I can think my way back into that time as if it was yesterday. I can connect to those feelings of deep insecurity, fear and feeling unsafe. I know that girl so well and I’m proud of the choices she made to be the woman she is today. Even though it would take years of self discovery and today she is still discovering more parts of herself, she let the path unfold and held a constant commitment to feeling better. 

I thank myself everyday that I chose to go down the route of complementary therapies. My 24 year old self could never have imagined who I am today. She held a vision of health, self love, inner peace and contentment and today that vision has become reality. I became brave enough to show up for healing and prioritise self care. And now I am here to support others so that they too can feel that inner peace we all deserve.

It was in my first Reiki session that I learned I was a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), someone who becomes physically and emotionally overstimulated more easily than others. At the time I had believed it was a weakness but now I realise it is one of my greatest strengths. As a HSP and someone with great empathy, I can often notice the subtleties and am attuned to the needs of others which allows me to build connections with clients and open up the space for healing to occur.  

I am here to support you in bringing light back into your life, please reach out if you feel called to experience the beautiful benefits that Reiki and Indian Head Massage have to offer.

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