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Below are some common questions we get asked by our clients, we hope that this answers any questions you may have about the services we provide. If you would like to book into a session, please click here. If you would like some further info please reach out here and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Reiki is administered through the palms of the practitioner using hand placements lightly on or above the body. During a session you might feel sensations or you might not, both are completely normal and this does not indicate the level to which Reiki is working. We each have different levels of awareness and Reiki can be working so deeply with us and so our ability to be consciously aware of that energy working might be affected by that.

Common sensations to feel are temperature change, tingling sensations, buzzing or wave type sensations moving throughout the body and perceiving the body as very light or very heavy. Some people see colours and images during a session.

This will vary depending on your needs. If you are having Reiki for the first time or there is something, in particular, you need support with, such as a physical or emotional issue then a course of four sessions over four weeks is recommended to ensure we balance the energies in each layer of the energy system. If you are having Reiki for general well-being, a session is recommended once a month or when needed for relaxation and stress management.

Distance healings are ideal for those who don’t live a reasonable distance from a practitioner, or if you don’t particularly like someone touching you, a Reiki practitioner can provide the same benefit without the need to physically touch. Distance Reiki sessions work because energy is not limited by distance so sessions can be done without clients being physically present. The effects of distance healing are no different than hands-on healing. A Reiki practitioner can send healing energy to a person anywhere in the world no matter how far away from the practitioner they are. The energy transmissions in a distance session are just as strong as if they were delivered in person directly with the hands.

A video call is arranged where I guide you through a meditation and send you healing as you lay down in a comfortable, relaxing space where you won’t be disturbed. These sessions are 1 hour in total allowing for 45 minutes of healing and 15 minutes for a consultation at the beginning and end of the session.

Alternatively, If you would prefer not to do a video call, a time will be agreed to send the healing and we will have an initial phone call before we start to touch base and see if there is a focus that you have for the session and so I can answer any questions you might have. I will send you a playlist of music to listen to as the healing energy is directed to you and send a voice note after I have finished the session with any advice or tips that might serve you moving forward.

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