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I wasn’t sure what to expect going to my first reiki session but Ciara put me at ease straight away and talked me through what to expect.
It was so relaxing from start to finish, you can definitely feel Ciara’s kind, caring & spiritual nature throughout the session. I will certainly be going back & will be recommending it to everyone!


Recently I had the opportunity to receive a reiki healing with Ciara. This was my first experience with Reiki so I was feeling quite nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. From the moment I walked into the room Ciara put me at ease, she had created a very safe & soothing space and I immediately felt relaxed. The healing itself was otherworldly. Ciara most definitely has a gift, words can’t describe the peace that came over me. The calmness I felt afterwards was incredible. Ciara is such a warm person with a quiet confidence which makes you feel completely at ease. This experience was transformational for me and I cannot wait to have my next reiki session with her.


After weeks of built-up work stress, I decided to try reiki to help relieve it. Having never gone to a professional before I was slightly apprehensive on whether this was a good option for me. From the moment I walked into Ciara’s home, I felt a sense of calm. Ciara put me at further ease as she explained what reiki is and answered all questions I had for her. She suggested I have four sessions each targeting a different area. After each session, I felt completely relaxed and rested, as though a weight had been lifted. My sessions with Ciara were a wonderful experience.


Reiki with Ciara is the highlight of my week. The calm, gentle and warm environment that Ciara offers is like heaven on earth. It’s hard to put into words how I’ve felt after sessions with Ciara, it’s pure and utter relaxation. Her skills have helped me feel aligned with the universe (I often find manifestations becoming a reality after a session with her) and my energy feels completely balanced. I’m so grateful to have found Ciara.


I suffer from tension headaches and the occasional migraine. Due to work stress, my headaches were getting worse and I knew I had to start prioritising self-care. I’m so happy to have found Ciara. Her home is a very peaceful environment, perfect for complete escapism from the working world. I found her technique very relaxing and the massage was more extensive than I had expected which was a very pleasant surprise. It released tension around my head, neck and shoulders and it’s amazing how taking some time out for self-care can give you a clearer mindset to tackle anything. Ciara has a magical touch, will definitely be back!


I started seeing Ciara in late 2021 for in-person reiki sessions. Post covid recovery with other life stressors had made me anxious and burnt out. However, just one single session with Ciara started my journey to get me back on track. Subsequently, every session has only enhanced my journey in recovering both physically and mentally. Ciara is very kind and gentle who listens and seems to understand exactly what is needed. Every session has made me stronger. As I continue to see Ciara, I highly recommend her to anyone looking to regain and enhance their physical or mental well-being.

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